It is our priority that our products reach our customers in the condition as agreed. A clear product specification is the basis for this, which is agreed upon in dialogue with our customers.
Through our IFS quality system we control the supply chain RSN HOLDING BV only does business with suppliers which products are guaranteed to comply with EU legislation according to food law, packaging and labelling.
Upon arrival in our warehouses, we check the incoming goods on food safety criteria, such as the level of mycotoxins, pesticide residues, heavy metals and others. We collaborate with the best European laboratories.
Our products are non-GMO and in many cases we can guarantee that our products are gluten-free.

RSN HOLDING  B.V.  complies with the highest European standards and our food safety system has been certified for :

The SKAL certificate guarantees that the products are organic and comply to the latest EU standards on organic products.


Our IFS team is monitoring worldwide developments on potential risks and legislation. We manage the quality in every step of our activities:  sourcing, processing, inbound logistics, warehousing and outbounding logistics.



For our valued customers we can deliver products that meet a higher standard, for example KRAV, for which RSN HOLDING B.V is certified by KIWA.
On KRAV certified goods there has been paid extra attention on environment and health, in order to make our planet a better place.