We are an active member within the import and export industry.

We designs and implement customised business solutions that positively impact the import, export, distribution, logistics and supply chain management as a whole. These solutions make the daily needs of our clients simple.

Effective Commitment

We are proud to be at the center of the import and export industry, servicing both large and small companies. We work only with producers that respect all applicable regulations and ensure that our clients get high quality products at a fair price.

We are strategically located in the South of Europe, connecting the Eastern European market to the Western European market with a wide range of opportunities.

Our non-asset based road network provides the flexibility, improve import – export service levels, accelerate delivery, reduce costs and challenges.



Refined Sunflower Oil


Sugar Icumsa

Wheat Flour

Icumsa 45 – Sugar

Olive Oil


Crude Soybean Oil

Refined Corn Oil

Crude Sunflower Oil

Rapeseed Oil

Wood Pellets

Epal Euro Pallet

Wood Briquettes 

Import Management

Do you believe that your import needs are simple enough that you can manage international relations with suppliers and businesses all on your own?

We simplify your purchasing and manage the logistics so that you can have time to concentrate on managing your daily business activities.

Export Management

We analyze pieces of information and individual decisions provided by our clients, and build them into an organized, integrated system of export management procedure.

Our export management program can be established to manage your export related decisions, and transactions to ensure that all products are in compliance with the EAR.

Business Development

We provide business development opportunities by carrying out extensive networking and analysis.

Our proven Export Launch Program, developed through years of practical experience and research, optimizes export results and minimizes company costs. Read More Here.


If you are new to importing and exporting, Supa Export can provide tailored import & export consulting services that will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

When the word “international” features in any of your business dealings, ensuring exchanges can be anything but simple. Read More Here.

Agricultural & Processing

A common and traditional definition of the agro-processing industry refers to the subset of manufacturing that processes raw materials and intermediate products derived from the agricultural sector.

Open TO Collaborations

We are always ready to collaborate with both raw material producers to food processing factories worldwide.

Our  global coverage allow our clients not only to benefit from a wide variety of products in the most suitable markets, but also to benefit from our ability to access and monitor local market sentiments and price conditions. This can be of real worth, especially in markets, where hard facts and statistics are sometimes not available.

Whether you are a potential partner looking to import a small quantity or a large supply commitment, we are willing and able to meet desired quantities and quality. You can also contact us if you are interested in a collaboration with us.